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The KPI Dashboard – Evolved
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The desktop dashboard
for your digital life.

Klipfolio Personal Dashboard.

Stay on top of what matters to you, right on your desktop.

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v5.5 -- Free for Windows XP and Vista

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Klipfolio Dashboard

1. Super Small

Track news, blogs, weather, email, RSS feeds and with less screen space than a single widget. It uses a lot less RAM than sidebars or widgets too.

2. Really Fast

Fast downloads, fast processing, and a fast display mean no waiting.

3. Always On

Klipfolio Dashboard always shows you the latest information and can alert you to important changes too.

Looking for more horsepower? Check out Klipfolio Dashboard for Business.

Features of Klipfolio Personal Dashboard

  • Resizable Widgets Any Klip (widget) or part of the Klipfolio Dashboard interface can be resized to what works for you.
  • Monitor Anything If your Web browser can access it, Klipfolio Dashboard can monitor it. There are over 4000 Klips at Klipfolio.com to get you started.
  • RSS Support Monitor, filter and set alerts for your favorite RSS feeds, right on your desktop.
  • Sidebars Place your dashboard along any screen edge, so you can always see it while working on other things.
  • Skinnable Download skins for your dashboard, change its colours and adjust its fonts.
  • Multi-Language Full unicode support (over 24 languages) in Klipfolio Dashboard's interface and in any Klips.
  • Desktop Alerts Set desktop alerts for keywords and new articles in any Klip so you are notified as soon as changes occur.
  • Developer-Friendly Klips are smart, easy to build, and fully scriptable. You can write a Klip in as little as 7 lines of XML.

What's New in Klipfolio Dashboard 5

  • NEW Revamped Toolbar Easier to use, faster access to useful controls, and prettier too.
  • NEW Column Headers with Sorting Makes data easier to read and sort.
  • NEW Klip Tasks Klips can now give users task-based controls outside of the Customize Klip window.
  • NEW Find Search through the contents of any Klip and see the results instantly. You can even leave the find filter on all the time.
  • NEW Tools for Developers New Klip debug windows, shortcuts and an easier-to-find developer mode switch.
  • NEW Drag & Drop Add RSS feeds or URLs to Klips with simple gestures.
  • NEW Layout Undo Don't like your new layout? Just press ctrl-z.
  • NEW New RSS Feed Viewer Klip The Feed Viewer now includes RSS auto-discovery, drag & drop support and other improvements.
  • NEW First-Run Tour Get to know the Klipfolio Dashboard interface in less time with the new tour.
  • NEW And More... Improved performance, interface tweaks, and bug fixes are just the beginning. Check out the release notes to discover the rest of what's new.

Looking for ODBC, enhanced security, cryptography, data analysis, scorecarding, KPIs and graphs? Check out Klipfolio Dashboard for Business.

Get it now!

v5.5 -- Free for Windows XP and Vista

  Download Klipfolio Personal Dashboard  




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What People are Saying

"KlipFolio is one of the most intriguing information delivery systems we've seen for a while."

Mark Gibbs, Network World, Gearhead

"Don't uninstall this great little app."

Fawn Luu, TechTV

"The whole modular Klip aspect is great! - Add what you like, remove what you don't---and develop what you need."

Dano, KlipFolio User

"Yeah, this thing is pretty kickass."

Unknown KlipFolio User