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Klips uploaded by WebZoner

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This Klip parses the HTML from the to display the the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Monster Jobs Search Monitor

(unofficial) Search Jobs on Select the criteria in Klip Setup and hit Refresh. You can select multiple cities, categories, etc. This is an unoffcial klip so, but if there is anything I...

Rediff News - India

The latest headlines from - with multiple categories for you to choose and customize.

Times Of India - Economic Times

The latest headlines from - Economic Times. Stay informed with economic articles, read on....

Times Of India - News

The latest headlines from Choose various categories and customize your news feed.

WebSense Security Labs/Phishing Alerts

This Klip uses the RSS feed from Websense Security Labs to alert users of known alerts, Phishing scams and how to stay away from them.

World Time Monitor

This klip uses the RSS feed at and monitors the time for the cities you choose. Select your city or the one closest to yours and you should be...

Yahoo! Groups - SOAP::Lite for PERL

This Klip will display the RSS feed for the Yahoo! Groups site for SOAP::Lite for Perl.


This Klip reports local traffic problems using Yahoo! LOCAL Traffic RSS feed.