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Xbox Live Friends Monitor

Monitors your Xbox Live friends and notifies you about their online status.
Downloads: 11,682 (6 this week)
User Rating:
9 Votes
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Popularity Δ: -26.4%
Author: Henning Möller
Uploaded By: hmoeller
Language: German
Website: http://www.evo-x.de
Favourite Of: 3 People (Make it a favourite)
Version: 3.60r
Date Updated: Nov 12, 2009


Comments About this Klip

Online/offline status

Posted by suprfli on (2007-06-05)
This Klip is great!! My only request is that you modify the klip to have the option to only view online friends. I'd like the ability to only see online friends in my clip and when they go offline they disappear from the klip.

I second that!

Posted by ddomains on (2007-08-18)
I would love it if the klip worked like being online, telling me who's online. Perhaps sort by online status and alert every x minutes when someone new comes online, and auto scrolloing up and down to show who is online?!

I third that!

Posted by miller343434 on (2008-08-30)
This klip would be perfect if it could sort by online status.
please apdate

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